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It's Still Christmas - A Cappella
Keep Christ in Christmas
With You
Out of A Dream
Lovin' the Highway
Day We Remember
Beside You
Reckless Heart
Somewhere in Tennessee
Thunder in the Night
Michele Hudson's talent at taking life experiences and weaving them into compelling and memorable songs is a spiritual gift from God. A marketing consultant by trade, Michele uses her marketing intuition to craft songs with commercial appeal, and is actively seeking artists to record them. A SESAC affiliate and member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, Michele has penned several hundred songs.

Owner of Top-of-Mind, a music and promotion firm, Michele's goal is creating and sharing music with heartfelt, passionate messages in a variety of genres. As a PR professional, she helps artists and her clients get seen and heard! Stay up-to-date by checking out her NEWS section.

Thanks for being part of the journey as God uses Michele, her collaborators, and clients, to share messages that inspire and make a positive impact!

Michele G. Hudson
Top-of-Mind/ Music & Promotion